Moods Premium Dotted Condoms – Pack of 12


Arouse and stimulate in ways never imagined with MOODS Dotted condoms, with specially molded dots on the outside for all round pleasure.

MOODS condoms made of natural rubber latex. MOODS condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety. MOODS condoms are available in exciting variants

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Love Like Never Before with Moods Premium Dotted Condoms Pack of 12 @VibesGood!

  • Condoms made of natural rubber latex
  • Dotted Dabs for extra Pleasure
  • Lubricated condoms with reservoir tip
  • Pack of 12
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Moods have brought in a new world of fantasies and wild love. This pack of condoms contains odd modular dabs on the outside to fortify. Each dotted condom has unevenly raised dabs that make a contact differently. Thus, ensuring higher arousal. Dotted condoms are basically normal condoms, which usually have a raised texture in the form of dots, spread out all over the outer surface. These dots are added so as to create more excitement during the process of lovemaking. Moods dotted condoms come with this unique dotted texture in which every single dot is moulded especially to add more pleasure. Moods Dotted condom helps to increase pleasure and excitement. These are effective against the transmission of STIs/STDs. Also, they prevent unintended pregnancies.

Store in a cool, dry place to protect from rain, heat, direct sunlight and mechanical damage.

Protection Against
MOODS condoms will help you to prevent pregnancy and protect you from the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Shop Moods Premium Dotted condoms – Pack of 12 at VibesGood.



Buy MOODS Condoms at VibesGood

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Moods About Us

True desire is not just about expression and self – fulfilment, but also about offering closeness. MOODS promises memorable moments that are exciting, satisfying and all about showing that you respect and care for your partner. The MOODS man understands his woman, he respects her wants and desires; hence he is the perfect partner and the envy of all men. He knows how to #PlayItRight and win over his woman.

That’s the belief that drives us. Therefore, extra care goes into manufacturing every product, in the hope that every experience reflects this belief.

VibesGood provides authenticated this brand's Condoms for its customers with exciting offers. Thus, one can #PlayItRight with our condoms and enjoy an intimate moment anywhere in the world.

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