Manforce Epic Pleasure Long Lasting, Super Thin


Making you and your partner reach the ultimate orgasm with Manforce Epic Pleasure Long Lasting Condoms. These premium condoms are specially designed for both you and her. The Benzocaine oil helps delay the climax for you, thus letting her enjoy for longer, while the 0.05m thinness provides him intense sensitivity with a complete natural feel. So, get indulged in an ultimate lovemaking session and feel real good with these Epic Premium Condoms. 100% electronically tested, the condoms are safe and reliable to take on your wild adventures.

Manforce Epic Ultrathin


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Manforce Epic Pleasure Long Lasting Premium Condoms for Men, Super Thin, Raspberry Flavour, Disposable Pouch (10 Counts). Buy now at VibesGood.



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Manforce is the No.1* condom brand in the country. So, we are very well acquainted with the power of LOVE, along with its effects and side effects.

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Constant endeavour to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what our brand has always been working and thriving on. We have immense years of experience in manufacturing condoms. The condoms undergo testing to ensure complete protection. In our own unique way, we appeal to all enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex, always. To make your sexual experience more fun, we offer 12 arousing variants that help elevate pleasure with protection.

Our exciting range of condoms promises to take lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy.

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Buy Manforce Condom online in India