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About Jockey
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Jockey International, Inc., also known simply as Jockey, is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer that is most known for its innerwear collections.

The brand was originally Coopers Inc. A great innovator, Samuel T. Cooper starts a hosiery business in 1876. Cooper initiates with the idea of lumberjack wool socks.

The company was a success in the initial few years of its existence. The biggest breakthrough is its invention of the world’s first briefs. Previously there were jockstraps for providing good support. Now, during a blizzard, “1935 design” provide the same support. Hence, it was named “Jockey”.

Types of Jockey Products

With time, Jockey expands its collection to offer a wide range of products, especially in the innerwear segment. Similarly, the reach of the brand has expands to over 120 countries, including India. VibesGood provides a wide range of Jockey Products. Here are some of the popular products:

  1. Bra – Featuring all the popular bra styles, one can expect a combination of comfort and eye-catching details from the Jockey bra collection. For example, the Jockey sports bra collection features multiple options, with incredible elasticity, for medium and high-intensity activities.
  2. Panties – Soft and breathable fabrics and elastic straps are some of the many highlights of Jockey panties. Be it bikini briefs or hipster panties, you will find an amazing range of designs on VibesGood.

Style Tips To Try with Our Products

There are several ways to pair Jockey products with outfits to look your best. Here are some style tips you could consider trying.

  1. Adding fullness to the bust line, their padded bras are a perfect match with several outfits. However, if you are heading out for a party, you could consider pairing them with a deep-neck dress.
  2. As the name suggests, sports bras from the brand are a perfect companion in sporting and other similar activities. They are perfect underwear on their own or with loose t-shirts. Either way, the idea is to ensure ease of movement when indulging in various fitness activities.
  3. When it comes to panties, there are numerous styles available in the brand. A perfect match for various outfits. For example, high waist boyshorts are known to make the body look slimmer, making them great undergarments to wear under tight or sheer material dresses.

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