One fine day, I was just surfing through the internet. Suddenly, by the miracle of destiny, I came across Period Panties. I dived more into this to make sure it was what I think it was. After doing a bit of prodding and probing I decided to order a single period panty, a decision which I regretted later on coz I should have ordered TWO!! Anyways a few days later, my period panties arrived, and to be honest I was a bit dubious. Even though I had researched the amount of blood it can soak, I had to double-check it first. I poured about a glass of water, expecting it to leak but it DID NOT leak a single drop!! 

The next morning, I wore this period panty and went to the office. Almost the entire day, I was tensed that it would leak. But, trust me, no leakage was there. Pads have been my only companion during my periods. I haven’t used tampons or menstrual cups. Period panties made me so comfortable throughout the day that more than once I forgot that I was on my periods or I was wearing anything other than my normal panties. Generally, throughout the day I keep checking whether my pad is in the correct position or not. But with period panties this factor was completely out of line. With pads, I feel that there is a constant reminder that I am on my periods’ coz of the visibility of blood. In period panties no speck of blood was visible. There was no headache of changing the pad every 4-5 hours.

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After coming back from work, it was time to leave the luxury of period panties. I used the panty for more or less 10 hours successfully. Now came the part I was not looking forward to: washing the panty. I imagined it to be unhygienic and a bit ewww (only this word can explain it the best). So gathering my courage, I went into the bathroom and turned on the tap and rinsed it with soap and water like any other undergarment. Well, it was not at all like I was expecting it to be. Maybe due to water, the washing process doesn’t feel dirty.

All in all, trying out period panty felt scary at the first but after that, it felt like the most comfortable menstrual product ever!! It’s a product I would suggest every woman out there to try, no matter what menstrual product she is using currently.

Period Panties are a blessing!!