Breast Upliftment

Sagginess of breasts — is a problem faced by almost all the women. It’s not a very big problem but still some women get anxious due to this. After a certain age it is very common and natural for the breasts to lose their original shape, size and beauty.

Most breasts naturally drop lower over time, due to the natural aging process and gravity. When you add pregnancy and breastfeeding to the mix, this process can shift into high gear. Pregnancy often causes breasts to not only sag, but to lose volume and plumpness, leading many women to feel less than pleased with their changed physique. If you can relate, a breast lift can boost not only your breasts, but your sense of body confidence.


Saggy breasts is a natural cosmetic change which is almost inevitable. But some women do not want this. And it is understandable as it reduces self-confidence.

The medical term for breast sagginess is ‘ptosis’ which is the one of the most common problems treated by plastic surgeons.
But do you really want to use surgery as a way to change your appearance? If not, then don’t worry as surgery is not the only way to deal with breast sagginess. Natural remedies prove to be a good option to deal with the sagginess.
Our lifestyle is generally the root of our problems. Adopting a better lifestyle can not only help your breasts but also your overall physical as well as mental health.

It can be caused by a variety of causes that range from genetics to diet to lifestyle. By taking better overall care of your body, you can improve skin elasticity and strength, which can minimise the effects of sagging.

Causes of Breast Cancer

We all have studied that “Gravity is a foe and a friend”. Well turns out that it is a foe for your breasts. Cooper’s ligaments, lift and support your breasts. Over time due to gravity and other causes, these ligaments can stretch out and cause the breasts to sag. Loose skin or the loss of skin’s elasticity can also lead to droopy, deflated boobs.

Many things are said as to what brings about these changes in breasts. This leads to a lot of misconceptions. But after a lot of studies some facts have been established.

Many things can influence when these changes will happen or the degree of drooping that you will experience. Here are some of the causes of saggy breasts.


  • Gravity: Gravity is working against you every day. While it pulls your breasts down, it strains and stretches your breast’s ligaments.
  • Size and Shape of Your Breasts: Smaller breasts with a rounder bottom tend to hold their shape better than larger or narrow breasts. Larger breasts are also more likely to succumb to gravity before smaller breasts.
  • Genetics: Heredity and the genes you get from your family play a part in the size and shape or your breasts, the strength of your Cooper’s ligaments, and your body weight.
  • Number of Pregnancies: The more children you have, the more stretched out your breasts will become.
  • Improper Bra Habits: A bra holds up your breasts to give you the shape and look you want, also it can prevent further sagging, which is caused by age and gravity.
  • Exercise Without Support: Exercise that involves a lot of breast movement can put extra strain on the breast ligaments. If the breasts, especially large breasts, do not have proper support, it can lead to stretching of the ligaments and sagging of the breasts.
  • Age: Age eventually catches up to everyone. Unfortunately, sagging is just a normal part of the aging process, especially after menopause when hormone changes can affect the structure and volume of the breast tissue.
  • Body Mass Index: Women with a higher body mass index (BMI) tend to have larger breasts than women with a lower BMI.
  • Weight Loss or Gain: Gaining or losing a good deal of weight, especially quickly, can change the shape of your breasts and stretch or shrink the skin surrounding them.

How Breast Upliftment is Done?

Lifestyle affects every single aspect of you and your body. There is not a single health related problem which can’t be cured by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Every now and then we keep on hearing about having super cool lifestyle, but how many of us actually follow in long run, how many of us actually do it for ourselves and not for posting on social medias. Every step of our lifestyle contributes to a greater cause. To make that cause worthy, it totally depends on us how we take care of ourselves, our body parts, our food habits, our choice.

When You can consider yourself for breast upliftment

You might consider a breast lift if:

  • Your breasts sag — they’ve lost shape and volume, or they’ve gotten flatter and longer
  • Your nipples — when your breasts are unsupported — fall below your breast creases
  • Your nipples and areolae point downward
  • Your areolae have stretched out of proportion to your breasts
  • One of your breasts falls lower than the other
  • You ever felt that millisecond pain while passing on bumper, or descending stairs?
  • After Orthopaedics have given clean chit, you still have neck pain or shoulder pain often?
  • You are developing skin irritation / Fungal infection in between or nearby area of your breast.

Who can apply for Breast Upliftment?

Numerous factors can make you an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure, including:

  • Good physical and emotional health
  • A healthy, stable body weight
  • Desiring a more youthful breast appearance

Benefits of Breast Upliftment?

Studies have shown that breast upliftment can improve womens self-esteem, body image, and even sexual satisfaction. By feeling more confident about the appearance of your breasts, you might find yourself standing taller and feeling more comfortable in your skivvies.

Low sitting or sagging breasts can lead to skin irritation caused by excess skin. During your breast lift, we can also perform a minor breast reduction to reduce the amount of excess breast skin to improve painful chafing.

It found that breast upliftment lowered the chance of developing breast cancer 70 to 90 percent. Hence by healthy and stable body weight you can get your chances reduced toward breast cancer.

New research shows that after breast upliftment, women feel a boost in arousal and sexual satisfaction. What is the secret behind this? Self confidence is a big deal in women when it comes to achieving a pleasurable sex life, so when her partner expresses interest in her body, she in turn feels aroused by the increased interest. Breasts that are too small often make women feel self-conscious in public as well as in the bedroom, but with a bigger bust women can be confident and enjoy their sexual encounters.  Breast upliftment goes beyond improvement in breast appearance and displays more positive effects in women than they expected. Breast upliftment gives women the confidence they desire in the bedroom, as well as everyday life. Women considering breast upliftment, can spice up their sex life and achieve mutual sexual satisfaction with their partner. 

No matter what size or shape your breasts are, you are still beautiful!!