His touch, his whisper, his eyes, his voice, his hair every part of him had me falling, falling for him, falling for that charm, falling for that voice, falling for a mere twig of love. Whereas I had built a nest for him. I thought maybe he is the one. And I started to fall, so deep that it seemed impossible to come back to the surface, let alone fly away. 


I was in too much denial as I didn’t want to let go of him. I thought that that one twig was the one I needed to save my nest from shredding apart. Man, I was naïve. I gave my all to him and in return I got nothing. Hell, I gave him my body thinking that it might lure him to stay in the nest. I just laid there in my Sweetheart Intimate Wear hoping that by giving him the satisfaction he might stay. But he just played with my body, my heart, my nest again and again. Even after being with him, I felt so alone, so lost, so depressed; but still holding on to that twig afraid of the life without him.

Until one day. I snapped out of my reverie and saw what had become of me, of a girl who believed herself to be above all this boy drama, and who swore she won’t chase or destroy herself for any guy. As I sat there too tired to move, I went down the memory lanes to see where it all went downhill. I realized I had set aside my self-respect. I made my dreams, my career secondary, and him the primary.

I had fallen into a dark trap from where no one can save me.

Except me.