Marriage is not just about love; it’s about staying together and having the trust that as long as they are with you it will all be fine. I just got married and was waiting for ‘the first night’. I would not say it first night because I have never believed in waiting till marriage to have my bit of pleasure. Yet there is something different about that night, it’s with someone who you are sure is gonna stay. 

Well, a bummer here: we had to leave for our honeymoon so we were not able to exactly do anything on our first night. But hey no regrets, there was the whole honeymoon period waiting for us. And I had packed cute lingerie sets, lace bralette, and some sexy bedroom outfits.

While we were exploring the place, I paired a lace bralette with skirt and heels. We spent the whole day outside and were very cozy with each other. When we were going back to our room, he gave me a package and sent me inside while he stalled outside for a while. Coming inside, I opened the package and saw something that made me believe that yes he was the right man.

Inside the package there was a very sexy Sweetheart Nightwear, some flowers, a pack of Cupid Female Condoms and a note. The note read out “You are the best thing that ever happened to me, darling.

A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember

And just because we are married does not means that you have to stop living your life. This is still your life and you are still in-charge of it. So here’s an internal condom to give your choice in your hands. I Love You.”

Good things might take some time but they surely happen. After many heartbreaks I have finally found a keeper.